Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ambitious Exercise Times

I am getting overzealous with my exercise.  
I signed up for a Class Pass deal - $10.00 for 1 week of unlimited fitness classes all over the city.  
It's my goal to complete 8 classes this week. 

Having been a college athlete, I've struggled with the "drop off" experience I've had since having to leave swimming due to a shoulder injury.  I get 'back into' it, with running, sometimes swimming, pilates, etc. but I'm really looking to establish a routine with my new life in DC.  I'm especially drawn to Class Pass because of the variety, but not sure the price is something I can manage $100/month for unlimited studio classes throughout the city.  I'm currently involved with Yoga District, volunteering at their I St Studio, so that will probably what I stick with for the mean time.  This seemed like a fun challenge to tackle and with the ball coming up this weekend - it's time to look slim and trim.  

So far, I've completed 3 classes at different studios around the District.  

1. Fuel Pilates DC - Georgetown

My first class was Pilates Mat Foundations with Sara on Saturday morning at 9:00 AM.  Having taken a pilates class before I assumed that I would be really comfortable with all of the positions - wrong.  Fuel Pilates is very much boutique fitness - I took the class with one other person and received constant personal correction, demonstration, and encouragement.  I really enjoyed using the ring, tubes, and balls for various moves - and seeing updated methods of teaching since I had last taken my class in Chestertown.  

 Their spray-down-the-matt substance had some sort of lemon/thyme scent going on which I especially enjoyed at the end of class.  Located in a small row house on O St NW (right near M St) - I obviously especially enjoyed my walk to the bus past all of the amazing shopping.  Definitely far out of my way for an early morning class but worth the fun trip over to Georgetown on the weekend.  

2. Biker Barre - Capitol Hill

So far, my favorite class.  This was my first 'barre' experience, so I was super open minded to whatever was about to happen.  Having been a lackluster dancer throughout most of my childhood, I was pumped to display my turnout and impressive foot pointing skills.  Jessi was our instructor at the 9:00 AM class and we had some awesome music pairings with our routine.  The fusion with yoga and pilates was more so apparent than dance during this class but I enjoyed it very much.  Lots of great stretching, movement, options, and encouragement.  Jessi constantly had a smile on her face and cracked jokes which set a great tone for the class.  I liked that I left feeling more limber and sure of the fact that I would not struggle moving the following day.  I felt lean and strong after this class - which is exactly what I'm looking for.  

Something I thought after this class was how achievable it was - challenging, but very rewarding because I was felt in control and strong.  I didn't feel like this was something I had never done.  

That was about to change.  

3. Pure Barre - Capitol Hill 

Pure Barre is no doubt trendy - so I was especially excited to get in on the action, see what all of the fuss was about, and keep my eyes peeled for some of my favorite DC bloggers.  It may have been my mood going into the class (bus line running late, below freezing temperatures) or the time of the class 7:55 PM, but I really struggled mentally through this class.  It was probably one of the most challenging fitness experiences I've had since I quit swimming.  The instructor showed me a lot of attention, which in a large class size kind of made me feel like I was messing everything up.  It was very apparent that I had never been to a class there.  The whole, "shake" thing is real.  As in, my body convulsed throughout the entire workout.  The pace is fast, like really, fast - so if you aren't really paying attention you're most likely going to be facing the wrong way, using the wrong foot, with the incorrect turnout.  Not sure I would go back - but ultimately felt satisfied with my workout. 

Overall - I've noticed I've been the youngest person in all of the classes which is strange.  I'm also definitely happy that I hit up Marshall's over winter break for some cute workout wear.  Now that I've been doing lots of yoga - my favorite gear has honestly been the basics from H&M - loose fitting, light tanks and t-shirts over yoga pants has made me feel really comfortable and lean.  Finally, rejoice - really digging the "let's wear socks" movement that seems to be trendy now in the studio fitness world - I'm not about #feet. 

5 more classes till Friday (ahhhh) - stay tuned.  

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Bday celebrations were had last weekend! 
Friends from all over came to ring in my day of birth with champagne and beyonce.  

It was perfect. 

Thankful for babes like these and all of the other peeps who made me feel ultra loved last weekend - you rock. 

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday Blues

It's the kind of cold that requires a shower to thaw out.  

Let's browse the internet for things, shall we? 

This weather reminds me of DK - surprise, surprise.  
PS - met a friend at work who studied in CPH + now we attempt to speak Danish to one another.
Hej min elskede! 

^^^ This ensemble - aka the shoes.  Currently on the hunt.  

This article - about women losing their power in Congress once the Republicans took over.  The line starts here for angry feminists.  

And devastating news - bye Jon Stewart.  

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Messing up breakfast

True friends rock. 
They don't even care when you make waffles wrong..twice (while you are sober)..and they'll help you clean out a waffle maker with a fork (unplugged, of course.)

People that stick around since you looked like this 

they're in it for the long haul.  

Thanks, D - love you! 

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Happy Sunday

What a week - here's a recap. 

1. \\ Check out the huge report my work just launched on inequality [it's a big deal].
The New York Times called it "a deeply serious document - one of the best overviews of income stagnation and inequality."  

Also - check that unruly blonde bob live tweeting away - you guessed it - my first CSPAN appearance

3. \\ This hysterical insta post curtesy of @alexlaughs

4. \\ This laptop case that is everything I could ever want.  

5. \\ Leading ladies _ ancient world edition 

have a lovely weekend ! 

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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Back in Action

 After about a 2 month hiatus - I'm back.  
I've been waiting for most of my adult life to write this story - but more importantly, to live this life.  I'm not sure why it's taken me this long to put it down on "paper" - but here it is.

In the last two months I've started a new job and picked up everything to move to Washington, DC. It was what I thought I always would do post graduation - but when the time came, I didn't have the courage to do it.  I settled for a job and carriage house in a town I knew and loved.  It was easy and it was comfortable.  I was surrounded by people that loved me, knew me, believed in me and my capabilities and it was good.  But something was eating at me during that 4 month stint.  I felt too still, too comfortable, too settled.  I spent evenings looking up plane tickets, figuring out my next steps, itching for a new experience to the point of constant  anxious moments, sleepless nights, and a general unhappiness with my mental well being.   The weirdest part was the terror I felt living alone in a sleepy small town in the middle of a corn field - a feeling I had never felt living completely alone in a city of 1 million 4,000 miles away from anyone I knew.  I tried it all - running, reading, writing, tea instead of coffee, detoxing, more water - there was something that unsettled me about being in this small town.

Then one day, the universe sent an email asking if I would be interested in an open position.

The 24 hours of deciding to respond and accepting that I had, were filled with more anxiety, pain, and discomfort than I've felt, maybe ever.  I couldn't stop thinking of what could come from that email, the chances I would have to take, the risks, the money, the people that I would hurt, leaving the love and comfort of my friends to go chase a dream.  A great friend reminded me that I was forgetting the most important thing in this equation - myself.   Once the process began I have never been more excited and sure of my capabilities, my skills, and my direction.  Within 2 weeks, I had a new job, a new apartment, drove a U-Haul for the first time, and moved to the big city with my new craigslist roomie (who rocks.)

I feel like I'm finally pursuing my passion - really chasing the dream.  I'm finally back in the political world in DC and I love every minute of it.

I'm really liking being uncomfortable here - I know I'm growing.  I like the pace of the city, the walks to and from work that I use to clear my head and listen to music, metro rides - all of it.  I like that there is so much still to uncover around the corner or downtown.  I'm here and it rocks.  It's a challenge every single day but it's usually a good one.

Cheers to my new life in DC - excited to share more of it with you! 
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