Saturday, January 3, 2015

Back in Action

 After about a 2 month hiatus - I'm back.  
I've been waiting for most of my adult life to write this story - but more importantly, to live this life.  I'm not sure why it's taken me this long to put it down on "paper" - but here it is.

In the last two months I've started a new job and picked up everything to move to Washington, DC. It was what I thought I always would do post graduation - but when the time came, I didn't have the courage to do it.  I settled for a job and carriage house in a town I knew and loved.  It was easy and it was comfortable.  I was surrounded by people that loved me, knew me, believed in me and my capabilities and it was good.  But something was eating at me during that 4 month stint.  I felt too still, too comfortable, too settled.  I spent evenings looking up plane tickets, figuring out my next steps, itching for a new experience to the point of constant  anxious moments, sleepless nights, and a general unhappiness with my mental well being.   The weirdest part was the terror I felt living alone in a sleepy small town in the middle of a corn field - a feeling I had never felt living completely alone in a city of 1 million 4,000 miles away from anyone I knew.  I tried it all - running, reading, writing, tea instead of coffee, detoxing, more water - there was something that unsettled me about being in this small town.

Then one day, the universe sent an email asking if I would be interested in an open position.

The 24 hours of deciding to respond and accepting that I had, were filled with more anxiety, pain, and discomfort than I've felt, maybe ever.  I couldn't stop thinking of what could come from that email, the chances I would have to take, the risks, the money, the people that I would hurt, leaving the love and comfort of my friends to go chase a dream.  A great friend reminded me that I was forgetting the most important thing in this equation - myself.   Once the process began I have never been more excited and sure of my capabilities, my skills, and my direction.  Within 2 weeks, I had a new job, a new apartment, drove a U-Haul for the first time, and moved to the big city with my new craigslist roomie (who rocks.)

I feel like I'm finally pursuing my passion - really chasing the dream.  I'm finally back in the political world in DC and I love every minute of it.

I'm really liking being uncomfortable here - I know I'm growing.  I like the pace of the city, the walks to and from work that I use to clear my head and listen to music, metro rides - all of it.  I like that there is so much still to uncover around the corner or downtown.  I'm here and it rocks.  It's a challenge every single day but it's usually a good one.

Cheers to my new life in DC - excited to share more of it with you! 
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