Sunday, June 30, 2013


Happy Sunday!
So this was my first time doing an outfit post, and I was so nervous.  
I normally hate pictures of myself so the idea of asking someone to take a picture of me to post for the world to see was not the easiest thing.  My roommate agreed before I went out last night & I think it turned out ok?  There is a nice little patch of purple flowers next to my row house on Mass Ave that I thought would be the perfect backdrop.  

I was so excited to see my roommate & friends from Washington College at The Board Room for drinks in Dupont!  My best friend from high school, her brother's band Harmonic Blue performed at the Rock and Roll Hotel on H Street.  As always, they were great & I'm so proud of how popular they've gotten!  It was an awesome night!  

Sunnies: Ray Ban | Statement Necklace: TJ Maxx | Top: J.Crew | Shorts: Forever 21 | Flats: Old Navy | Bag: Lonchamp | Watch: Target

Do you have a new favorite outfit?  

PS: Check out my best friends brother's band Harmonic Blue, I promise you'll love 'em! 

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

[Please Understand Me]

My awesome supervisor gave me this book my first week of my internship, Please Understad Me: Character & Temperament Types.  I've never taken a Myers Briggs test, but I've always wanted to... you all know I love that 'self reflectin'.  Taking this test not only allowed me to self reflect with deep, thought provoking questions, but it allows me to help those around me better understand my character, my actions, my thoughts, etc.  

So, I took the test.  
I'm an ENFJ;

Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, Judging.

History lesson for you.
Carl Jung, a prominent psychologist developed the personality trait typo-logical theory around 1920.  He said that these 4 primary types determined how people saw the world and made decisions.  Later, Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers came together around WWII and developed the psychometric questionnaire that would become the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.  They were entering the industrial work force and believed that this would help ease women into the transition and help them find jobs that would be the most comfortable and effective for them.
Can I get a, "You Go Girls!" ?! #girlpower

In, Please Understand Me, it says about Extroversion, "Extraverts, with their need for sociability, appear to be energized, or 'tuned up' by people.  Talking to people, playing with people, and working with people is what charges their batteries."  I couldn't think of a statement more true about myself.  

The Intuitive "seem somewhat bothered by reality, constantly looking toward possibilities of changing or improving the actual."  We value a vision of the future.

Feeling people tend to be called fuzzy thinkers and wearers of hearts, usually on their sleeve.

The Judger's are not [haters], Jung meant this to mean concluding.  Judgers like to have firm deadlines, and expect others to meet them.  "Driven", "pressured", "planning", and "running life" are associated with those who are considered Judgers.  

How do you think you would fair in this personality trait survey?

One of the most valuable things in life is learning to love yourself.
Learning how to do that is the hardest challenge, but taking time to reflect daily has helped me gain more confidence and just be a better person.  By knowing how I view the world, and how I come across to people has helped me understand my relationships with family and friends.  It's an important practice for me and I'm so happy that I've implemented it into my day.

How do you take time to think reflect?  

PS Happy Seersucker Thursday from the Hill!

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Like Me on Facebook

Purple Flowers is now on Facebook!

I was always a little hesitant to tell people that I blog, let alone advertise it on a social network as large as Facebook.  None of my family or friends knew that I was blogging, so it's awkward to 'come out' with it!  Surprise, I'm a blogger.  I had a great discussion with Erin from
Smartificial Sweetener  at the GLAM fashion event last week about 'coming out' with blogging.  
I think a lot of blogger's face the 'do I remain anonymous' or 'do I broadcast my life?' questions.  
I'm hoping to find a happy medium, while also marketing and communicating my own content. 
I was a little embarrassed at first, but now I'm I made a Facebook Page and invited all my pals to like it!  Hello, exposure. 

Do a lot of your friends blog?  
I only have a few! 

Shannon - Shenanigans Rose

Aren't they the cutest ^^ ?!

When and how did you start blogging?
Tell us your story!
& don't forget to 'like' Purple Flowers on Facebook!

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

DC's hot; stay cool

District Summer

Now that it's officially summer, what are you loving this season?
If you're in DC today, you know it finally feels like a DC Summer outside.
Yikes, it is warm!
How do you stay cool?

While DC is expensive, its not nearly as bad as Copenhagen.  CPH was Euro Chic, all black, all the time.  DC is the right amount of Prep, Hip, & Chic all rolled into one.  The city really has a style of its own, but it encompasses a whole lifestyle.
brunch, sunnies, fresh flowers, starbs, statement necklace, sparkles, flats

Here are some of my favorite things this summer.
"You're so DC."
I don't hate it.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Govloop & GLAM

Yesterday was another exciting day in the District. 
It started off with my caffeine fix at Bagels & Baguettes and some work from home (which I love).  I've got my little nook set up here in the WISH row house, and when you live with 8 people, its nice to have the space to yourself with the morning sunshine.  
Is that too 'only child' of me?

Anyway, I Uber'd (I hope that becomes a verb, can I paten that?) over to a conference at the District Architecture Center which was gorgeous!  It was such a fresh and bright space.  I was there for Govloop's event, "Doing More with What You Have: WordPress in Government."  
While most of the content was above my head in terms of tech, coding, and web development, it was still extremely resourceful from a local government perspective.  
We heard from lead developers at WordPress, GovDelivery, and the Kaiser Family Foundation, however I was most excited to hear from Melissa Bell, the Blog Engagement Director at the Washington Post.  She gave a fantastic [Prezi] presentation on how WashPost uses WordPress for most of its content and blogs.  

Part of me felt a bit like a traitor, since I just moved my personal blog back from WordPress to Blogger to start over design wise, but nevertheless it was a day of learning and networking.  

Last night I attended GLAM LLC [Give Labels A Meaning] Summer Fashion Event.  GLAM is a nonprofit that works to give back to the Washington, DC community.  The event's procedes were raised for Safe Shores DC which is a children's advocacy group that helps fight trauma and promote healing of children who previously faced abuse.  A great group for a great cause & great fashion?  
Simply perfect.

 The lights and table arrangements were perfect for this space, it had a great energy last tonight on H street NE! The Bishop Boutique from Alexandria had the most gorgeous shoes as well as Milly bags.  I might be making a trip there before the summer ends; a pair of patterned moccasins that live there are calling my name.   

When I say they OWNED the floor, they owned it.  Gorgeous outfits.

^^ These models worked it all night!  Absolutely adored the pink two sided crop top.  That looks like something I would wear to work!

^^ I could get over this vendor.  I've seen her before at Eastern Market and her jewelry is just to die for, every Pinterest lover's dream.  I found some amazing pieces of jewelry for about a quarter of the price they would normally go for elsewhere.  I frequented this table all night but sadly left empty handed.  

It was a seriously great day, lots of business cards swapped and lots of emails to write!
Congrats GLAM LLC! 

Looking forward to spending the night in Baltimore for Crabs & Boh's for my best pal's 21st birthday!  
Did you have an eventful week?  How are you spending your weekend?  

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Purple Flowers Soundtrack

There are many songs that I have pronounced that if there were to ever be a movie about my life, 'this song' would be in it!  I've picked the opening scene, the credits, the blooper reel, etc.  
Is that weird?  Has anyone else done this?

Well, I've compiled them into a playlist for your listening pleasure.  

^^ If I told you how long it took me to make this icon on Photoshop....
Baby steps.

Follow me on Spotify & Share!

Do you have a theme song?
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Events, on Events, on Events

These last few days have been a whirlwind to say the least. 
I have learned so much over the past 5 days it's nice to finally sit down, look over my notes, and write it all down.  
This past Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I spent at the Student Leader Conference for the Alexander Hamilton Society.  We are starting the inaugural year at Washington College this Fall and I will serve as President of the Chapter.  I [had] no idea what I was supposed to be doing, but now I feel confident that we can run a successful chapter.  In addition to hearing from other chapter presidents from across the country, we heard from multiple political professionals and how they got their start. 

There was a reception at Jones Day Law Firm on their rooftop deck where we could network and meet members of the Alexander Hamilton Professional DC Chapter.  With the Capitol beaming in the background, it was a great setting to talk about future career paths, swap cards, and talk of plans post grad.

It was a bit overwhelming, sitting in the same room as a former Ambassador to the EU, Assistant U.S. Attorney General, Fox Political pundit, White House Policy writer, Drone specialist, Colonel who led troops through Fallujah in Iraq, and students from all the Ivy's.  I have to admit there were times when I felt extremely flustered by it all, but starry-eyed and excited all at the same time.  Lots of disbelief, levels of uncertainty, and creeping reminders that in a few short months, I will hold a diploma and be expected to go do all the great things I hope to accomplish.  While sitting in the same room with some of the most accomplished people I've ever met, it's hard to configure my own future and unwillingly measure up.  

While I know Harvard Law is not in my future, I have to remind myself of how hard I've worked to get where I am, and remember how hard I have to work to get where I want to go.  
Still trying to turn all of these experiences into inspiration.  

Yesterday was QUITE the day.  It started with a trip to the State Department sponsored by WISH (Washington Intern Student Housing -- where I'm living this summer) and a discussion called "Foreign Policy Classroom."  We heard from a Foreign Service Officer and how he got his start at State, where he has traveled, and his service throughout the Middle East.  

We were then allowed to ask questions and have a discussion with him about our thoughts on Syria, Iran, and the Middle East Peace Process.  Lots of learning on my end; it was an extremely informative session.

By far the coolest part of my first trip to State was when they paused the lecture to mention that Secretary Kerry walked by while we were there.  Of course all of us (probably close to 100 students from across the country) were all transfixed with the FSO to notice.  It was still so cool to be in the same building with Secretary Kerry as he was swearing in new Foreign Service Officers.  

Dad was in town for a board meeting so we were able to grab lunch at Union Station which was great since I am carless and far from Fenwick this summer.  

Tonight I volunteered at the event, "Cutting The Pentagon's Budget Is A Gift To Our Enemies," a debate sponsored by the McCain Institute and Intelligence Squared.  I checked folks in and helped back in the control room.  It was a great debate, lots of insightful knowledge about national security and our image abroad.

I was so glad I volunteered to help work this event.  It was so interesting and didn't feel like work.  Those are my favorite jobs.

I decided to walk home instead of Metro..I'm starting to feel like I know the city a bit better every time I get lost.  It's worth the initial panic, as long as I make it home with a smile on my face. 

So, time for a break right? 

Tomorrow will be just as jam packed with a GovLoop conference on WordPress in Government and the G.L.A.M Fashion Event tomorrow evening.  I bought a new jewelry piece tonight from T.J Max to wear tomorrow!  Hopefully pictures to come.  

If you are in the DC area tomorrow evening and have any interest in fashion, nonprofits, and fighting child abuse, you should find your way to G.L.A.M.'s Summer Fashion Event tomorrow evening.  Purchase tickets here.

See you tomorrow night DC!

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Monday, June 17, 2013


As my blog has started to get more exposure and I think about its development, I've spent a few moments pondering its name. 

My previous blog, The Anchor Drops, came from my absolute adoration of all things nautical, anchors, my high school mascot (the sailors), and also from the idea that "home is wherever you drop your anchor."
It started on Blogspot one summer and then I transferred all of my posts to a WordPress account.  I blogged maybe once a month for the past couple years until I went abroad where I documented most of my travels and commented on Danish culture and life while I lived in Denmark.  The more research I've done, the more blogs I've read, and the more skimming I've endured, I wanted to learn web design.  

So, I bought a book, HTML & CSS: Design and Build Websites.
And here we are on Purple Flowers.  I'm not very good, and I'm still learning, mostly from other blogs who have their own tutorials, but it's a start.

Back to flowery things... (lol).

It's amazing how my goals and dreams have changed.  
I think it's so important to reevaluate yourself, and do it often.  To understand how we change and grow is the key to success, happiness, and personal understanding.  

But the one thing I've always loved, regardless of my travels, my age, and my ever changing taste
are purple flowers.  
They make me smile when I see them whatever mood I'm in.
I also do the same thing whenever I see babies or puppies, but seeing as I have neither, the title of a blog might be odd.

So, my hope for Purple Flowers is to develop into a website where I can discuss the experiences, events, and happenings that make me the happiest.  By reading along, I hope you can find your own 'purple flowers,' those things in life that put a smile on your face every single day.  

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer '13 Style

I love Polyvore, and I was all about it on my last blog The Anchor Drops.  
I've been finding some great deals on my lunch breaks at work and I had to put something together.  A little prep, a little boho, a little nautical. That's pretty much DC in a nutshell in terms of fashion.  

Do you feel like there is a different style for summer?  Everyone relaxes a bit and lets their hair down...maybe not in DC because of the humidity, but you get the point! 
I feel like my own personal style has changed rapidly in the last year.  Last summer I was strictly preppy and all about the crew (J.Crew of course).  I went to Denmark for 5 months and came back with a suitcase full of black clothes.  I was the new, chic European Hilary.  Countless people asked me who died, which didn't offend me that much.  I was expecting that.  I was known for my outfits that were so colorful they could be spotted across campus.  And for a brief period of time my favorite clothes were only those that were black.  Black clothing still has a special place in my heart.  My friend Julia who also studied abroad in Copenhagen would come to class discussing how Danish we looked.  

Danish no more, I'm loving this seasons colors.  The rich shades of green, blue, and red are awesome this summer and I'm loving the tribal prints. I also love the 'keds' trend.  A new H&M will open in Union Station this month and I'm excited to snag a pair or two for the price of $12.  
Check out my polyvore page & my [closet] on Pinterest.  

How has your style changed as you've gotten older? 
 Do you stick with trends or wear what you're most comfortable in?
What are you most looking forward to wearing this summer?  

Leave a comment, let me know what you think! 

xo Hil

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Creating A Signature

Paying for a new webdesign can be expensive. 
Luckily I've found some resources that give great step by step directions to design your blog on your own!

So, here are some highlights from RyleeBlake's "Write Your Own Post Signature"

^^^ I knew I wanted to follow her tutorial because all of her fonts are so pretty! 

She breaks in down to 3 easy steps for you to always have your signature on all of your posts.  
After creating your own signature on Photoshop, you will save it as a PNG or JPEG & upload to your Photobucket account. 

Copy this link! ^^ 

& Paste it here 


This is super brief, make sure you check her post for the full directions!  

It was so simple & so easy!  
A huge thank you to RyleeBlake, I highly recommend all of her blog tutorial

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Personal Social Media Practices

I talk a lot about social media at work.  
I write about social media a lot at work. 
And I write for social media at work. 

I think what I do is a great fit but I enjoy it on a personal level, however the more I think about strategy for my non profit in terms of social media engagement, the more I think about my own use.  As someone who has always had an interest in journalism, social media, and engaging a community, I love new media.
I remember when you had to be asked to join Facebook (circa 2006) and when you had to invited to Pinterest (circa 2011).  The dark days of selective, secretive social media.  
No more!

I find that I check Facebook everyday, multiple times a day and use it as a means for communication, direct, private messages.  I have it on the tightest security controls in no one can write on my wall and I don't use FB chat.  Yet, I could not imagine my life without it.  I'm at the point in my life where everyone is getting engaged and its, make some popcorn and scroll, exciting.

Tumblr is my outlet for relaxation.  I love scanning through and reblogging things that inspire me and make me smile.  It is definitely my favorite outlet

Google+ is where I post interesting reading or articles that I don't want to post to Facebook, but I still think the world needs to know about.  I only post something on the FB if it is of dire importance.
I'd really like to turn that into a section on here, my collected reading for the week, stay tuned. :)
I also LOVE google chat...that is my jam.

Pinterest is something I love to look at during my lunch break and 'like' because it's mindless.  I usually go back later to pin to my boards.  Does anyone else do that??  I recently renamed my boards and picked new cover photos for each.  It felt like a cleanse.  I have lots of 'likes' waiting to be sorted.

Polyvore I hardly check; its nice to see the jump in set views when you haven't checked in awhile.  I have the polyvore plug in linked up to my Google Chrome so whenever I see something I'd like in my closet, I clip it to my polyvore.  I can then go back and design my own sets which I post on my blog.

LinkedIn I adore.  It took me awhile to come around to it, but I'm on the LI train and I love it!  I love seeing where everyone works and what everyone does with their life.  It's exciting and fantastic for networking!

TweetDeck is what I use at work.  I'm normally hooked up to another twitter account crafting tweets but I love tweet deck for my own personal use.  I know it is typically used for work related accounts but I just love it.  I especially love the layout.

Springpad is where I save things I need.  I have a thing against bookmarking.  I think I had a bad experience once and lost all my bookmarks back in the day.  I seriously love Springpad!  I can keep myself organized as I plan out future stuff for grad school, blogging, and just websites that I like.  In the last 3 weeks of my internship, I've discovered so many great organizations and non profits through research that work for concepts that I love, like citizen engagement, transparency, and community development.  I am able to store all my info in my virtual binders on Springpad.

Do you have your own social media ritual?
Do you use something that I don't?  Tell me about it!
I'm always looking for new ways to stay connected and engaged!

xo Hil

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Social Media Buttons

The whole reason I started up a new blog spot was to learn blog design from scratch.  
I've been playing around with everything to find what works for me.  It's going to be a long process but I'm having so much fun learning the in's and out's of html, coding, and web formats.  I want a blog design that looks professional and put together.  Right now, it's a little playful and fun, but I can deal!   I'm proud because I made my header on my one on Photoshop and taught myself how to implement all of my buttons and layout.  Baby steps, ya know?

I found these funky vintage social media buttons on Pinterest.  
Click the image below to download and the see the original source.

More to come on how I made my header and whats next for Purple Flowers.

xo Hil

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

chloe + isabel with Be More Thrifty

Have you heard of Chloe + Isabel?? 

chloe + isabel

Is this jewelry gorgeous, or is this jewelry gorgeous??! 
My friend Hannah from Washington College has just launched her new blog, Be More Thrifty.  Based in Baltimore, Hannah works as a marketing director at BizBrag, Inc and works as a merchandiser for chloe + isabel jewelry.  I picked out my favorites that I've been swooning over and wanted to show everyone how beautiful their jewelry is!

Her new blog, Be More Thrifty, showcases quality thrift finds and cheap deals with her ability to pair them against classic, designer items.  Her outfit posts on Instagram are to die for; you have to go check them out! 

We are both lovers of purple and political science.  Since we both started up our blogs about the same time, Hannah has been a great resource to chat with as we venture into the blogging world together.  

Make sure you jet over to Be More Thrifty and like her FaceBook Page, Pinterest page, and follow her Instagram account as she embarks on this new journey! 

Thanks, Hannah! 

xo Hil

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Purple Flowers

This seemed "Purple Flowers' worthy & necessary.

Buenos Aires in November.

xo Hil

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Happy Monday!  
I hope everyone had a happy weekend!  I know I did!  
This weekend I went to my first DC Capitol Pride festival.  I think I read that there were 150,000 people visiting this weekend to celebrate love, no matter what kind.  5 blocks long ran the streets filled with vendors, a beer garden, and a huge stage.  I was there to support one of my best friends and enjoy the show!  It was an amazing experience and it really struck a cord with me while I was there.  So many of the artists that performed sang of love, life, and spreading hope all over the world. 
 It was really special.  

I saw Icona Pop perform live and they were absolutely incredible.  
I only knew 'I Love It' from the radio and I knew they were from Sweden (yay Scandinavia!)
I was not expecting to love every. single. song. 
Watching them on stage you could just tell how 'real' they were, it was not a performance, they were simply jamming, singing to the crown, and loving every second of it.  Mostly, I was impressed with their stage set up, they controlled every effect and mix of every beat on stage.  They were not only singing, they were crafting and making music on stage. 

Icona Pop Washington DC June 9, 2013

Their outfits rocked, so Swedish.  They were radiantly beautiful and full of so much positive energy!  I'm not ashamed to say that I have been listening to them nonstop since I got home from the concert and this has been on repeat all day at work.  

This one is my favorite ^^   We Got The World: Icona Pop

What I was most excited about yesterday was seeing Emeli Sande perform live for the first time.  
I was close to seeing her perform live at the Royal Albert Hall back in the Fall while I was in London, but we missed each other by a few weeks and seeing as how the tickets were hundreds of dollars, it was unlikely.   But I was as close as I could get.  

In front of the Royal Albert Hall, London Fall 2012
However today, she was right in front of me.  Besides being an absolutely amazing live performer, her lyrics are just gorgeous.  She recently just broke the Beatles top hit week streak in the UK.  I've been a fan of her's for a few years now, but she's just recently popular in the US with her hit, "Next To Me."   

Emeli Sande Washington DC June 9, 2013

Her British accent was so cute!  I squealed more than I should have and shed lots of tears.  Anytime I've watched her perform live online, she was has always seemed so serious, so into her music. Yesterday she was all smiles, non stop energy and pouring her heart out to every single person there.  It was truly incredible to watch.  She tweeted about how excited she was to be in Washington and supporting yesterday's cause.
I don't even know how to explain her music because it is too good to put into adjective form.  

Heaven: Emeli Sande

Where I Sleep: Emeli Sande

How did you spend your weekend?  Have you seen either of these artists?? 

xo Hil

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cute Free Things

Yesterday during my lunch I found some cute, free printables.  It all started with wanting a printable calendar for my cubicle and it turned into a lunch-long exploration on Pinterest.  While most of my day is spent in my cubicle writing and researching, dressing up my cubicle for the summer seemed appropriate.  I went to town, but its my happy little corner of the office and I love it!

Here's how I have my cubicle decorated at work!

On my second day I added tons of post cards I had gathered during my study abroad trip to Copenhagen, Denmark.  While I was there I was lucky enough to travel a bit around Europe, and I always made sure to grab post cards!  My Danish Flags are a little obnoxious, but I love them none the less.  They are a great conversation starter, since most people don't know the Danish flag and lets me retell my tale of my 5 months across the pond.

Looking to dress up your cubicle?  I've attached some great links for the free printables I found!

The perfect summer background.

I have a serious crush on this calendar.   
The rich water color, the objects;  I want one for every year!

From How About OrangePhoto by How About Orange

I have this at my desk as well, because they are both just so cute!  Loving the colors and the aztec design.

From Love vs. Design,
Photo by Love vs. Design

I printed off enough of these to last until the end of my internship.
They are absolutely perfect for me to glance in the morning and a great way to start off Mondays. 

The most perfect 'To Do' List

I'm taking French this fall, how cute is this calendar?

French Calendar from Minireyve; photo by Minireyve.

So cute for your desk!
I've attached all the link, click to go to their original source and to download as PDF's!

This week I was lucky enough to catch up with a close friend who I met in Copenhagen. Originally from Australia, Lucy spent the last semester at Boston College.  She's a law student and has fallen absolutely head over heels in love with DC.  The Capitol and Library of Congress brought her to tears, needless to say she belongs here.  She loves all things political, sassy, and international.  Lucy is absolutely fascinating and I had the most wonderful time catching up with her, reminiscing our semester in Copenhagen, and discussing her thoughts on American culture.  She has traveled virtually everywhere, read up on her travels here.

Happy Thursday ! xo Hil

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Its not quite summer, but it sure feels like it in Washington, DC.
Summer is that great time of year when everyone is rejuvenated to get healthy, work out, sit outside for lunch, and take the long way home.  I'm loving all things berry this season and my new love for Acai is really hitting the spot.

If you haven't tried Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai, you haven't lived.  These are my favorite pick me up at work.  I always keep a small stash of them at my cubicle in case of an off day.  
Have you ever had Acai?  They are very similar to blueberries..but even better.


Acai by hilarybadger 

What trends are you following this summer?
This article on Levo League talking about Coconut Water and Women is fascinating!  Every time I find myself at the grocery store, I check out the coconut water.   I've never had it, I don't even really like coconut..but I feel like I should...Maybe I'll have to try it next time.
Do you like coconut water?  Have you ever had acai?

xo Hil