Thursday, May 29, 2014

Watercolor May

I get most of my inspiration for my paintings from Pinterest.  When I found this painting, I knew I had to try it!  How cute are these little radishes?!  I'm loving summer so much already.  Finding time for the gym, cleaning out my college stuff, and making time for painting!  Also, the lighting in my parents kitchen is to die for.  So much pretty content to be shared!  

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Raising Ms. President

I can only presume that most of my readers are women (Hi, Mom!) and I can also guess that most of you have a desire, goal or wish to be, do, or become something.  
But how many of you hoped to become the President of the United States?  Or, president of your senior class?  Or the class representative in the 4th grade?  

If so, why?
Were you sure that you were an effective communicator, an easy going person that connected with others?  Did you know that you could easily represent others?  
  If not, why?
Did you second guess your ability to lead, to make decisions, or to reason?  Were you worried your peers wouldn't take you seriously?  

Same!  Women are conflicted everyday to make big decisions or leaps of faith because of the Confidence Gap, which is directly associated with women's thought process when thinking of running for office.  Sociologists and Political Scientists alike found that the reason women weren't running for office was more deeply rooted than their choices as an adult.  They found that from the very beginning we are socializing our girls in ways that might not encourage them to be a leader or run for office.  I know from experience when I announced that I would be a political science major, I was greeted with the "You're too delicate for politics" lines and "politics is a man's world" scenarios.  Clearly this is more common than we thought.  

Kiley Parker describes this as "a documentary about the reasons why women don't run for office and what organizations, families and individuals can do in order to encourage more women to run. Women do make a difference, but the problem of getting them to imagine themselves as political leaders is deeper and more systemic than many studies originally thought."

Here is an infographic that explains the benefits of women in power.

We were lucky enough have the chair of our Political Science department bring Kiley Parker to Washington College for a film screening.  I was so energized after the documentary and I really think that at some point down the road, I would love to work for an organization that inspires women to run for office.  Let's make sure we are asking our little girls just as often as we ask our little boys, "Do you want to be the President of the United States?"  And hopefully soon enough we will see our first Ms. President.  

Be sure to follow Kiley Parker's journey on Twitter at @RaisingMsPresident & follow Raising Ms President on Pinterest!  

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Senior Week 2014

Senya-Week in Ocean City, Maryland was 2 weeks ago!  Sheesh!  How did that happen?!  
What a wonderful long weekend with my AOII senior ladies!  Somehow we've all managed to squeeze in this selfie on our first night in the condo! 

We had great weather, great friends close by, and fun bars to walk to! Luckily it didn't rain until the day we left, so these girls were on the beach everyday, all day!  Our mornings were filled with walks to Dunkers and different satellite cafe's for coffee and evenings, 14 of us around the kitchen table playing games, sharing secrets, and listening to music before we would head out for the night!  Not only was most of our Washington College class down the beach with us, but Lehigh University and the University of Delaware were also there!  

If you are of drinking age, and heading down to Ocean City, Maryland anytime soon, here are my favorite spots to hit up! 

1. Fracture Prune - I can't explain it, just trust me and go if you like donuts.
2. Fish Tails - This place has really yummy food and a fun atmosphere without being as overwhelming as Seacrets.  Go in the late afternoon and enjoy the swinging seats in the sand with a drink; their grapefruit cocktail is the best!
3. The Green Turtle - My family friend owns the original Turtle, which is a must if you are in OC.  The food is good, the drinks are cheap, & the atmosphere is great!  If you and a few friends are feeling adventurous, do a ski shot! 
4. Macky's -  I was never too keen on Macky's, not until my entire senior class filled it on a Sunday night & closed it down.  If you've only ever been there for dinner with your rents like I had, give it a shot!  We had a really fun night here & we had the place to ourselves!  
5. Fager's Island - Most of #washcoll ended up at Fager's one night and it was a blast!  While there is dancing, there is also a great deck outside on the water with lots of twinkle lights!  
6. Secrets - If you are into nightclubs & dancing, this is where you need to be!  

My roommate sent this to me on the beach.. apparently I was holding court for the Kappa Alpha's.  I was too into my Nora Ephron to notice. 

Does your high school or college do Senior Week?  

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Monday, May 26, 2014

New York City

Man, oh man did I love NYC!  I had never really been to New York.. except for that one time when I was 8 and I had a fever so it wasn't exactly the most pleasant experience.   But when my friend Marie said she had a job interview and asked if I wanted to join her for 2 days in the city, I was all about it.  It's been so long since I've experienced somewhere new and I've been itching for the chance.  I had a lot of NYC related 'To Do's" on my 101 things in 1,001 days list, so I went for it!    

We started off our first day with the HighLine, everyone's go-to suggestion for NYC these days!  Countless texts all included "YOU HAVE TO DO THE HIGHLINE!" and I'm glad we did!  It was gorgeous and a very easy transition into the city.  The first of many #selfies were taken there. 

Tried on $850 shoes at Saks, because why not? #loveyaCoCo

Found a little piece of Scandinavia at The Copenhagen restaurant in Tribeca. 

Took the LIRR & experienced Long Island for the very first time. It was oh, so cute! 

We spent the night in Port Washington with Marie's grandma & celebrated our graduations over margs & quac, which I am attractively eating below. Never have I felt more comfortable with a long and happy day of walking, gawking, and learning.  Carrying my backpack with all my possessions all over Manhattan definitely left me pleased with sitting down & a cold drink.  

 Day 2 wasn't terribly long since we were catching the Bolt Bus back to Baltimore at 5 pm.  We spent most of the day exploring Central park.  I had never seen the fountain or the boat house before so that was a real treat!  Marie led us on a little hike, which wasn't the most ideal for me seeing as I was wearing a skirt, but I managed to climb the rocks like a champ. 

We wound our way through Manhattan back to the bus pick up, but were sure to stop in a few stores along the way.  I was enamored by the 4 story Forever 21, the 4 story Old Navy, and the gorgeous Anthropologie.  We made friends in the Longchamp store as well as Kate Spade where I was complimented on my new shoes that I had just picked up from Nordstrom Rack :)!  We also stumbled upon the C. Wonder store which was more magical than I could have imagined.  

We cannot forget to mention that my first NYC hotdog was had! It was very scrumptious and reminded me of the street hotdogs in Copenhagen.  

 We eventually had to hop on the bus & spent the four hour trip home chatting about life & our favorite parts of the last two days!  I can confidently say that while I loved NYC, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed after two full days.  I know it has so much more to offer and I can't wait to do a bit more exploring in July when I visit the city again for the Smart Girls Group Summit.  :) 

Miss Marie & Hil signing out! 

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Prepping for Graduation

Graduation was last weekend. 

In case you haven't walked across the stage and you are stressing about the big day, I've put together a little check list for ya.

1. Extra ticket for graduation! You never know who might show up for your big day! 
2.  Back up Charger There are special moments during a commencement that you'll want to remember; whether it's snapchatting your friends who are far away or taking photos of your best friend winning an award, you're going to want a fully charged phone!  
3. Bottle of Champagne This does not need an explanation.  You know what to do!  Cheers! 
4. A Photog Luckily my mom and friends were around with cameras and iPhones to snap pics.  Sometimes you get so caught up in the moment that you forget to take pictures with those people that mean the most!  Some of my favorite pictures from the day were candids that my friends sent me from their iPhones.  
5. Open Mind  The best part of graduation day was going into it with an open mind.  I wasn't sure if I would cry, if it would rain, if the graduation speaker would be bad, if it would be too hot; there's just no way to know.  

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Friday, May 23, 2014

The Last 4 Years

How do you wrap up 4 years of college memories in review?  
I don't know but we are about to find out.  

Moved into college (August 2010)

Became an NCAA DIII Athlete 

Went on my first training trip in Key West, FL

Became an AOII

 Became a Peer Mentor 

Became a Lifeguard 

Had my first solo road trip to NoVa for Crab-fest weekend with Miss Marie

Had my first internship at Bayside Bride

Met some of the best people I've ever known

Got a little

 Took a road trip to Clemson 

Said goodbye to my favorite class at WC

 Became an intern on Capitol Hill

Represented the Sigma Tau Chapter of AOII at a National Convention

Had picnics with best friends...

Mom and Dad moved to the beach..

Lived in Denmark...

Traveled all over

Came back home, turned 21, and met a new best friend

Moved back to DC for the summer 

Created this little blog

Finished Senior year & graduated May 17, 2014! 

There you have it!  4 years in highlights & snippets!  
Easily the best four years of my life, to date!  

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Aamanns Copenhagen

The Danish stars aligned for me in New York this past week when I stumbled upon The Copenhagen..a Danish eatery owned by Danes, filled with Danes, and with food made by Danes.  I walked in feeling very out of place and very American with my pink backpack on, but I had to check it out.  

I may have gotten a little misty eyed when I enjoyed this gorgeous brunch, but I'll never tell.  (Ok, fine I cried.)  The meats, the cheeses, the dill... and don't even get me started on the bread.  It was all so real I could have sworn I was sitting in a cafe in Norreport.  I 100% recommend Aamanns Copenhagen if you are wondering what the flavor of Scandinavian cuisine is like.  

Have you ever eaten at The Copenhagen?  
Hear what they've had to say about it.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I did it!

Woo hoo!  I conquered New York City!
Currently on the Bolt Bus back from the Big Apple and so excited to share about the last 2 weeks! Finals, senior week, graduation weekend, New York!  Oh my!
Keep your eyes peeled :) 

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