Monday, September 9, 2013

1 Year Since København

I forgot to document a significant day.

Last week had been 1 year since I left home to live in Copenhagen, Denmark alone for a 5 month soul seeking, academically enriching journey.  

A year ago I would have never shared this photo.  I was so embarrassed by the way it turned out.  I went abroad with expectations of having fabulous hipster photos taken of me drinking coffee in cafes, walking effortlessly around history, and this is what I got. 

I remember being absolutely, 100% uncomfortable that day.  I was trying to be something I wasn't yet.  

My shirt is awkward, my bag was cheap and kept breaking, my hair was ungodly, I had the worst blisters from walking in new shoes that I thought I looked stupid in but I bought them because I thought they looked European...the list could go on forever.  
I also spent $8 on that chai (sorry, Mom).

Regardless of the amount of ways I felt uncomfortable while taking this photo, I can look back now and realize, I was struggling.  But I made it and I'm so thankful for such an amazing experience. 

Skål to my time spent in København

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