Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

I had such a wonderful, long weekend.  
I was surrounded by thought provoking people who wanted to talk about all the things I love; school, politics, family, what we want out of life, how we wanna change the world and more importantly how we see it now.  Being able to recognize how your perception of the world changes you and its ability to change is so vital to our growth and well being.

I spent my days walking about Eastern Market in Washington DC, getting lost in Capitol Hill books, and sipping DC Brau at The Silver Spork.  It was a mini market filled with olives, prosciutto, cheese, and crackers as well as assorted pastries and other specialty items like curry & homemade hummus.  A hidden machine sent out bubbles to kiss your plates and tips of your forks as you people watched.  If you live in the DC area and you haven't been to Eastern Market, you're foolish & you need to go!  The flea market area had THE BEST jewelry and I cannot wait to take my best friends there to shop.  Tortilla Cafe also has the best Salvadorian and Mexican food, ever..hands down.  I suggest whole heartedly the fresh tamales.

I live with 6 other college kids in a row house on Massachusetts Avenue & 3rd next to an abandoned Indian restaurant.  It's not too bad, all my roommates are Southern..like, real Southern.  Georgia, Tennessee, and Oklahoma.  I'm already starting to say, ya'll; I'm from the Mid-Atlantic..we say, "you guys."  Thank goodness I didn't pick up that habit before Denmark.  We have been spending our nights drinking wine and watching House of Cards which I LOVE.  A Netflix original series about the Congressional House Majority Whip staring Kevin Spacey.
People it's gold, pure gold.

I finished my first week of my Internship at ICMA - International City/County Management Association.  I'm the Knowledge Network Intern, answering questions and blogging on the local government online forum.  It's a new area for me, communications and social media.  I get to come up with media strategies for a non profit, much more freedom that most internships give.  I feel like I have real responsibilities and tasks that are expected of me with real thought and real input.  I was between two internships when I made my decision back in April but I wanted something that taught me more skills..I wanted to walk away from an internship that I had something to show for it.  At ICMA I have that ability and I'm so excited to push myself further and give it all I got.

Check out my blog post from last week that had the #localgov community chatting on twitter & be sure to follow @ICMA & @Greenlee_K for the latest updates on #localgov & #professionalmanagement.

I'm learning something new everyday at work and I love it.  My social media work has especially inspired me to teach myself even more.  Part of this blog is to document my journey as I learn code and redesign my website.  More on that tomorrow.

Hope 'Ya'll' had a great memorial day weekend with loved ones & friends.

xo Hil

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