Friday, May 31, 2013


Thankful today for amazing friends, great roommates, and a summer of fun on Capitol Hill.  
Today is a day where I am simply wow'd with the people in my life and how lucky I am to have them here!  I lucked out with some of the greatest roommates ever, and ever lasting friends from high school who I cherish so deeply!  Three of my best friends from Mount de Sales came to DC last night to grab drinks.  Now we are all 21 we are able to go to happy hours and live like real people, something I know we've all been longing to do for quite some time.  It really is just amazing that we've found this bond and it hasn't broken.  Despite the time spent apart, our activities at different Universities, our studies, our goals and dreams and outlooks on life, we've been able to watch each other grow and hold on for the bumpy ride.  I think that's really special.  Whether its a new friend or the friends who've become family, treasure those moments that you learn about someone because it will most likely teach you a lot about yourself.  

I had a long week; I've been running myself a little thin.  I'm excited to put on my comfy clothes and lounge about my little row house tonight with my roomies!

Any fun plans this weekend?


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