Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back to School: Dorm Edition

dorm style

It's so crazy when I think about what I would actually put in my room if I had funds compared to what I will actually put in my room next Thursday when I move back to college for my final year. 

Freshman year, everything was pink, blue, and green.  Everything matched, everything was bright, and everything screamed high school prep.  I still have my comforter from freshman year and still have the multi colored pillows and pink and blue flowered totes filled with matching plates and cups.  
If I had money to spend, this is what my dorm room would look like now.  I'd like to think my taste has expanded a bit since I was 18 and that my style is a bit more eclectic.  Regardless of what I have and don't have, there's one thing that I'm so grateful for; a college education.  I'm so lucky to be going to college, so in the grand scheme whether I'm hulling my freshman year wear up the stairs on move in day isn't the biggest issue.  

So, if I could style my room this is a peak as to what I would put in it.  

Big comfy blankets, lots of throw pillows in mismatched designs, candles that smell like lavender or rosemary, sweaters, water colors, tea pots, maps, stationery, flats, and poms.

How would you decorate your ideal dorm room?


  1. I really enjoyed this post, I'm going to uni (hopefully) in september so have been loving getting inspiration from posts like this. The little tea pot is soo cute!

    Love your blog.


    1. Thanks Holly! Best of luck! Uni is a great experience!!! Love following along with you as well :)