Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Intern Spotlight: Kim Uslin

Think you did a lot this summer? 
Think again.
Meet Kim.  

"Hi! I'm Kim Uslin and I am a rising senior at Washington College. This summer, I am lucky enough to have three separate internships - one at the Baltimore City Paper, one at Baltimore Style Magazine, and one online internship at Limerence Magazine. I am working hard and learning a lot about the publishing world...but I still have no idea what I want to do with my life."

3 Internships?  Ding ding ding, we have a winner!
I asked Kim a few questions about her summer internship experience(s)!

  • What new skills are you looking to obtain:  While I took these jobs anticipating that I would be learning a considerable amount about the mechanics of publishing, I never could have believed how much I would learn about the people in the publishing world. At each of my three internships, I have learned not only practical skills like fact-checking and phone etiquette, but what it's like to work with the personalities of different writers. Though the internships are drawing to a close, I'm still holding out to see if I can learn how I, too, can posit my personal attitudes to both contribute to the success of the publications for which I work and to put a little of myself in each one

    What environment do you work in best:  I have found that I definitely work best in a more demanding environment. The deadlines for weekly and bimonthly publications are obviously wildly divergent, and while I do appreciate the more leisurely approach of a magazine, there is definitely a difference in how much I get done directly correlative to the amount of pressure put on me. That said, it's nice to be able to interact more with coworkers, and serious deadlines don't allow that nearly as much. 

    What's your favorite work outfit:  While the paper I work for is a more jeans and t-shirt environment, I'm not really comfortable dressing down quite to that extent. I compromise with dark wash jeans, which are a bit fancier, and a pretty floral chiffon top with colorful earrings. For my magazine job, I love to pair a summer dress (not too low cut!) with a cardigan to counter the air conditioning. As for my online internship, well...i'm not above wearing my pajamas

Thanks so much Kim for all of your insight & see you back at WAC for our senior year! :) 
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