Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Link Loves

Loving so many articles this week on the web.  Thought I'd share a few.
PS Can't wait to reveal a few new projects that are in the works. 
I'll give you a hint: SGG.

Kaitlin + myself exploring Hamlet's castle in Denmark.

This article was really wonderful to read and reminisce about my travels in Europe.  If you've had the luxury to travel alone, I commend you and encourage to do it as often as you can.  With graduation approaching, this article makes me want nothing more than to pick up everything and backpack around Europe for the rest of the summer.  There is still so much I have yet to see and I'm itching and eager to just go

I'd like to think of myself as pretty 'up to date' with current events, however I was so inspired by a classmate today when she told us in Feminist Playwright class (right? it's an ah-mazing class) that she gets her news global.  She diligently checks the daily news from networks and publications of that country, not specifically American sources of international news.  I think that is amazing and I'm really interested in doing that for myself.  
This youtube called, "I Am A Ukrainian" shows the devastating turmoil in the Ukraine.  It is absolutely  heartbreaking but I'm so glad this video is going viral.  This conversation needs to happen.  

Here is another great article about the revolts occurring in Kiev right now

I literally just received my $3 copy of Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique in the mail 2 days ago.  It was today in 1963 that the leading lady published this status quo shattering read.  A few weeks ago in Women and Politics (another ah-mazing class) we spent some time on second wave feminism and I fell madly in love with the movement.  I was always aware of its implications, but watching clips of protests and hearing from women of that time was really moving for me.  I can't wait to catch up on actual school work so I can get started. 

Any thoughts on Ukraine?  Or The Feminine Mystique?  
Let's start chatting!  
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