Sunday, February 16, 2014

AND I'm done!

Ladies and Gentlemen, my thesis is complete. It is turned in and awaiting a final score.  Lots of love, passion and hope went into the making of this thesis project.  

My research question and title changed about 5 times during the creation and writing process but it ended up being: 

Partisan Media and A Polarized America: A Study of Twenty-Four Hour News Networks and Their Lack of Policy Discussion Surrounding The Supreme Court Ruling of The Affordable Care Act.  


A huge thank you to all of my family and friends that sent over edits and words of encouragement!! It wouldn't be done today if it weren't for you!  

In the spirit of completing a huge goal, I am feeling such good vibes for the months left of school to follow!  I'm SO anxious to get started doing the things that I love, incorporating exercise into my daily routine, waking up early, applying for jobs, finishing small creative projects, and jumping into big ones.  
In order to keep the inspiration flowing, I had to pass on this beautiful interview from Marie TV that I found through The Daily Muse.  As I'm currently filling up my Google Calendar with times to yoga, knit, and paint, it's important to remember Goal Setting.

"Knowing your core desire feeling is really about you becoming an intentional creator of your life." - Danielle LaPorte

I would love your feedback on this video?  Did you guys feel the same inspiration that I did?  Danielle LaPorte is a spiritual goddess and I feel like a new woman after watching this. Has anyone read The Desire Map?   One of my favorite pieces of advice was towards the end when she discussed a common occurrence among women: the questioning thought of, "Do I deserve these desires?  Am I good enough to have dreams this big?"  The answer is MOST DEFINITELY YES!! Shine on ladies and let your dreams grow big :)! 

Good vibes to you, wonderful readers!  

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