Monday, March 17, 2014

You Know How You Have That Friend..

While sitting on the beach in HHI our last day, my best pal since 6th grade and I reminisced about all the silly things we did when it dawned on me...Marie is that friend.  
We have loads of embarrassing photos and funny memories where we laughed for no reason and did stupid things.  She introduced me to The Bachelor and Sex and The City.  We took her dog for walks in the sun, in the rain, and in the cold. 

First we looked like this; 

we baked the cookies 

watched sunsets 

made awesome friendship bracelets 

stayed up late talking about boys 

hard to believe this was 4 years ago, our senior year of high school 

And now, here we are on the cusp of greatness!  Weeks from graduating college and possibly *fingers crossed* moving to the big apple and being roomies in Manhattan.  

Thank you Miss Marie for being that friend throughout all of these years.  I have some of my happiest memories with you!  

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