Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Its not quite summer, but it sure feels like it in Washington, DC.
Summer is that great time of year when everyone is rejuvenated to get healthy, work out, sit outside for lunch, and take the long way home.  I'm loving all things berry this season and my new love for Acai is really hitting the spot.

If you haven't tried Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai, you haven't lived.  These are my favorite pick me up at work.  I always keep a small stash of them at my cubicle in case of an off day.  
Have you ever had Acai?  They are very similar to blueberries..but even better.


Acai by hilarybadger 

What trends are you following this summer?
This article on Levo League talking about Coconut Water and Women is fascinating!  Every time I find myself at the grocery store, I check out the coconut water.   I've never had it, I don't even really like coconut..but I feel like I should...Maybe I'll have to try it next time.
Do you like coconut water?  Have you ever had acai?

xo Hil

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