Thursday, October 17, 2013

Look Out Real World

job search

Today is my first visit job visit to meet with recruiters and discuss job opportunities in May.
Am I nervous?  A bit. 
I've had numerous internships and lots of experience, but I'm worried about 'selling myself' and knowing how to market what I want.  Luckily I worked with the career center to polish up my 'elevator speech' for the big day, but never the less, it's still nerve racking!  

This is kind of an awkward limbo for the application process.  It's technically too early to apply seeing as how employers want to fill positions they are seeking immediately, yet not too soon to start looking.  It's actually quite the tease.  I've started compiling a list of all the job opportunities, where they are located, their application requirements, & websites to keep myself organized.  Do any of my readers do something similar?

What are your best tips for the job hunt?
Any life experiences that have prepared you for the post college search?

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  1. I feel quite the same, Hilary. I'm graduating in 34 days and I could not be more scared haha! It's exciting, but I've applied for so many jobs in the past few months and I've only heard back from a few (who said I was a great match but they need to hire right away). It's frustrating, but I'm hoping in the next few weeks, something gives. I think preparing now is a great idea! I'm really glad I did. My best advice is to just keep applying, getting your resume out there, making connections and networking; it's all a numbers game. The more places you apply and people you get to know, the better chance you have that someone will be the one to say yes :)