Monday, January 27, 2014

Dreaming of free time

I wanted to take a break from reading news transcripts to give my fingers a taste of the extreme amount of writing I'll be completing in the next 6 days.  With a full draft due this weekend, my thesis is really picking up and I'm dreaming of activities and projects that have nothing to do with the partisan news coverage of Obamacare.  

Here's a list of things I'm gonna do when my thesis is over. 

1. I've started a spreadsheet of jobs to apply for.. I think I'll apply for them so I'm not unemployed. 
2. Start making big things happen with the Smart Girls Group
3. Really though, I'm finishing that scarf I started over 1 year ago in a different country before the polar vortex roles around for the 6th time.
4. I'm gonna fangirl on twitter and make some more internet pals, cuz I love the ones I have now. 
5. Designing my own business cards.
6. Sending notes to all my pals. 
7. Starting to do the yoga.
8. Reading everyday, all day.
9. I want to start writing about things I care about.. like the media, politics, feminism, professional development, closing the gender pay gap, #leaningin, art, culture, gender and race, theatre, city planning, bikes, europe, travel, and being scared of writing. 
10. I'm going to paint.

What are you going to do once you find free time? 


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