Monday, July 28, 2014

5 Changes You Should Make After College

If I've counted correctly, today would have been about 10 weeks since I graduated college.  Now, that's not too long, but there are certainly some 'real world' experiences that had me thinking about changes that I would like to make for myself.  Here are the 5 big ones I've encountered so far.

1. Follow through with kindness // Cleaning out my things from college I found a collection of misplaced items that disturbed me.  Pictures, cards written and signed, and little notes and friendly reminders that were never sealed, never sent, and never delivered. Stop thinking about doing nice things for people, and actually do them.  

2. Give yourself the gift of health //  Regardless of how out of shape I am, I usually find a tiny voice in my head that affirms that I am a beautiful person.  "Athlete" was always a name that went next to mine & I miss feeling strong.  I'm trying to reduce my intake of refined sugars and other processed foods, and I've gotten back into the pool a few times and made running a part of my week.  It's definitely not a diet but a conscious uncoupling of foods that are bad for my body and a commitment to movement.  

3. Take care of your skin  // I just started a skincare regime that works for me and I'm already seeing results.  I don't know about you, but I really needed to start moisturizing.  I am also committing to taking my makeup off every night before I go to bed, no excuses.  Besides the countless sources that tell us how important it is to do this, I think it's also a nice opportunity to build yourself up.  Being able to look at yourself in the mirror without any make up and still think you're beautiful is a powerful thing lady friends.  Maybe it was a blog post, or a Youtube video, or a tv show, but someone was just saying that your skin cells essentially eat whatever you put on your face, including makeup, lotions etc.  Let that sink in; pun intended.

4.  Get some hobbies // Lately I've been thinking a lot about travel and my old blog, The Anchor Drops.  I remember fondly writing out blog post after blog post about my experiences in Copenhagen and the importance of being alone.  Being alone with myself for 5 months was the most telling experience of how I liked to spend my time.  I taught myself how to knit, I caught up on tv shows I had always wanted to watch, I got lost (a lot) and learned that I love wandering without a map, and I picked up a paintbrush again.  Now that I've moved in and there isn't homework on the weekends, I am the captain of how I spend my 2 days of freedom.  I've been spending a lot more time outside, lots of walks and runs, farmers markets & book stores.  I really want to commit to those things that make me happy.  

5.   People  // I've noticed that with the excitement of new beginnings I sometimes forget the people that are the most important to me.  I had the the most wonderful month at home with my parents and grandparents.  Lots of dinners on the porch, walks to grandma's house, beach days, and shopping trips.  Maybe I'm in the market for a "Don't forget to call your mother" magnet?  I'm also crappy at remembering birthdays and sending cards on time.  This needs to change because I am fiercely loved and reminded of it over and over again.  Throw some love out into the universe and it will find its way back to you, I promise.

Are there things that you are making a pledge to change in your life?  Are you transitioning to a big change?  I wanna hear about it :) Leave a comment below.
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