Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Life Update

A big life update coming at ya!  
Well, if you follow on Instagram you probably already know this.
I have accepted a job at Washington College and have moved to Chestertown full time!  Yesterday was my first day in the "real world" and I loved every second of it.  I will be serving as the Assistant Director of Chapter Programming and Alumni Networking.  If you are a Washington College alum reading this, I will be handling all of the Alumni Chapters across the country!  :) See you at an event!  

 My volunteer work with the Alumni Board and with the senior class gift campaign this past year totally sparked my interest in development, fundraising, and alumni programming.  I am so inspired by the team I work with, the volunteers I oversee, and the alumni I am engaging.  This move couldn't have been more perfect for me and I'm so excited to learn everything about this new realm.  

The decision wasn't easy, and there were days that I questioned whether Chestertown was the right place for me (cough, cough the last two summers in DC, cough, cough).  In the end, what really mattered to me was the work that I would be doing and my passion for it.  I am able to utilize my creativity and harness my ideas and vision for these programs that I have not only partaken in, but already molded and shaped as a student.  

Cheers to the next chapter, I am so happy you are along for the ride! 

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