Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Travel Series: Stevns, Denmark

I have had travel fever since I've moved to Chestertown.  
I cannot stop looking up flights to Iceland, Copenhagen, London, France... you name it, I've probably checked.  I just wanna jet off and go!  Since I've been thinking about it so much I realized that I never really showed you photos of my travels while I was abroad... SO, boom. Travel Series. 

I'm kicking it off with a few photos of one of my favorite weekend trips, Stevns, Denmark, a small coastal town in South Zealand on the Baltic sea.  Within the Stevns region, we spent time in the town of Store Heddinge, which came into existence around the 13th century.  Stevns is about an hour from Copenhagen, making it an easy day trip and has just been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  You have to change trains at the Køje station, but the switches are easy and the views are incredible.  Stevns Klint consists of chalk and limestone formed 65 million years ago when a deep sea still covered Denmark.  The chalk has been used throughout the village, having built the churches (kirke) and various buildings and homes in the region.  The chalk cliffs are rare for Denmark and aren't found anywhere else in the Kingdom. 

The cliffs at Højerup have views of the Øresund Bridge and Sweden on clear days.
The Højerup Kirke (church) was built in 1250 and practiced services here until 1910 when parts of the building began to crumble.  In 1928 they lost the back end of the Church into the sea below as well as members of the choir.

Take a seat, these cliffs are 65 million years old.  Around this area, scientists made a #lifechanging discovery.  A layer of the Stevns cliffs called Fish Clay indicated that a giant meterorite had hit the Earth and had been the leading cause of mass extinction across the world.  Bye bye Dinos.   You know what I'm talking about.  We learned this in school, right? Hint: Land Before Time.  Right. And it was discovered right here, so.  Hey, science.  

 Stevns Klint (Stevns' Cliffs)

Gjorslev Castle

St. Catherine's Church  (Sct. Katharina kirke) from the 13th century.

Heading to Denmark soon? Of course you are.  Who ISN'T?!  
While you are there, be sure to check out Stevns.  You'll be glad you did.  Check back soon for my post on Copenhagen.

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