Monday, June 9, 2014

#IAmThatGirl Pt. 1

I am finding so much therapy in I Am That Girl by Alexis Jones.  

Every word has me thinking, every testimony of strengths and choices and wishes has me wondering, questioning, and planning.  What a perfect time to read such an uplifting and inspiring piece of work! Alexis Jones dreamed of changing the world and worked her bum off to do so.  She has started her own nonprofit, I Am That Girl that empowers women to believe they are enough, they do enough and they can be exactly who they want to be.  
I thought that I'd split up the book in thirds & let you walk this transformational journey with me. 

I'm falling in love with words all over again.  
So here are the words that moved me (and my pen) and I think they'll move you too.  
All quotes unless otherwise described are by the author, Alexis Jones.  

"To invalidate part of who you are, to cast it out as "imperfect" and pretend it's not an integral part of you, means you will never fully know or love you." xvii 

"This book is my attempt to inspire that girl in you: the girl who has the potential to create magic, to ignite change, and to inspire the world." xix

"I speak my truth." xxi

"I throw my hands up, close my eyes, and revel in life's awesome and mysterious ride." xxii
"I owe it to myself to be remarkable, so I am." xxiii

"...don't let self-doubt keep your magic from the rest of us.  We want in." - Jackie Tohn

"...somewhere, someone else has already won this battle for me." - Mashad Vakili

"You are so much more valuable to everyone around you and to the world if you begin everyday knowing exactly who you are and try to be the best, brightest version of yourself." 22

"Do one thing every day that represents a conscious effort to expose yourself to the extraordinary instead of the ordinary, the profound instead of the pedestrian, the breathtaking instead of the mind-numbing." - Gina Rudan

"Your own words are the bricks and mortar of the dreams you want to realize.  Your words are the greatest power you have.  The words you choose and their use establish the life you experience." - Sonia Croquette 

"There is nothing more beautiful than a confident woman who knows what she wants." 66

"... a reason to feel electric." 81

"Empowerment is recognizing that in any situation, no matter how small or lost or scared you feel, you have a choice in how you choose to react to your life circumstances.  Exercising that choice is a freedom and it's also the warehouse of your power." 82

"You have mountains to move, dreams to dream, and a world to change, even if the only world is your own." 83

Are you excited for Pt. 2?  Same :)