Friday, June 27, 2014

Ikea Love

ikea home goods

ikea home goods by hilarybadger featuring a whistling teakettle

 // Tea Strainer //  Chest // Cart //  TeaKettle // French Press //  Basket //  Glass Container // Cream & Sugar // Glass Water Container //  Food Storage Container // Small Spice Containers 

I am super in love with all things Scandinavian.  You know this. 
Therefore I'm sure you have also assumed my deep love and affection for Ikea.
While nothing is certain on where I will be living or working, I am SO certain about what I will be purchasing from Ikea.  I'm ready to make this happen; big time.  I can't help but scope out Pinterest for ideas and DIY's for my future apartment.  What I am wondering is what everyone's go-to is for first apartment essentials?  While I am inheriting some furniture from my parents, I am wondering what I should do about the rest of it...

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Do you own any Ikea furnishings? 

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