Tuesday, June 24, 2014

#IAmThatGirl Pt. 2

I fell head over heels because of these words by the fabulous Alexis Jones when reading the next 100 pages of I Am That Girl.  Here are the ones that captivated my heart.

"I realized that when we have truly built a reputation on making good decisions, of unbridled self-discipline, unwavering work ethic with a strong moral compass, that in spite of circumstance and temptation, people are willing to invest in us." // 104

"You attract what you are." // 105

"You have so many gifts to offer this world and you owe it to yourself (and to all of us) to be remarkable today." // 108

"I believe in a world where girls empower girls, a world in which we are each other's biggest supporters and our greatest cheerleader, a world where we are taught to celebrate one another's gifts, not to be threatened by them." // 134

"...fight for something that doesn't make sense to anyone but you." // 134

"...magic lives where fear and magic intersect."  // 137

"Being the captain of your ship is a power that most people dream of, but never have the guts to take, and that can make them resentful." // 140

"I do know that life is not too short, but rather, far too long for you to waste another day not seeking out every adventure calling your name." // 147

"In that space, I'm able to connect with the best parts of me, to really see me in all her infinite brilliance."  // 165

"And that requires digging deep into your soul on a daily basis and making the choice to be joyful, not because you have the perfect job, found the love of your life, or won the lottery, but because you chose to be that way." // 168

"Being an optimist is not the same as being naive or ignorant, in fact, it takes far more discipline to extend tolerance over judgement, faith over fear, and love over hate."  // 187

"Be a source of light - that is the real test of living well." // 187

"The reality is that the greatest map we have to our life's awesome quest is actually imprinted inside the walls of our heart, and the constellation of stars guiding us along our journey are the phenomenal people we are surrounded by."  // 199

"My identity is more found in who I love than in who I feel I need to be.  I can smoothly answer, 'I don't know,' and find power in my acceptance of the grandness and enormity of this beautiful life and my beautiful, learning mind."  - Yvonne Randolph 101 

What inspiration have you sought out after today?  Share it in the comments below :) 

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