Sunday, December 15, 2013

Copenhagen Thanksgiving - A Year in Review

[a late post from Thanksgiving]
I was reminded today as I helped Grandma make the stuffing that I was not here for last year's Thanksgiving feast!  I was in wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen.  
I can remember the Thanksgiving feast that my immediate group of friends had the actual night of Thanksgiving that mostly consisted of Americans and Australians.  Instead of an expensive turkey, we opted for chicken wings, boxed mashed potatoes, and boxed stuffing.. not our classiest moment.
But later that weekend we had our very own huge Thanksgiving spread.  
I found my blog post from my study abroad blog, The Anchor Drops and felt a pang of nostalgia as I remembered skyping in for dinner last year while my parents and grandparents celebrated without me.  

Also, just found this from the movie Hans Christian Anderson (1952)
Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen from Danny Kaye.  
Singing it forever more.

Happy Turkey day
Gobble Gobble! 

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