Friday, December 27, 2013

The Netflix of Books

Have you heard of Oyster

They call it the Netflix of books.  
Your first month is free and you have access to a library of over 10,000 books to add to your reading list at no extra charge.  After your first free month it costs $9.95 per month.  I probably won't start paying for it until I graduate and have time to read for fun, but while I'm in Mexico for 10 days, this will be the perfect way to read.  The app is available for iPhone + iPad & after tweeting at Oyster, I found out that development of an Android app is in the works.  I have a Google Nexus so I'll be poolside with my phone most of trip but I don't mind. 

I'm also excited to use my Audible app.  
I love listening to books on tape.  So far I've listened to Arcadia by Tom Stoppard (my favorite play) and Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg.  Each month that you pay a small fee to belong you receive 1 credit.  Most books are one credit so I haven't had to buy a book yet which is awesome!  

I'm so excited to unplug from my thesis for a few days and read for pleasure.
What's your favorite device to read on?  What's your favorite app to learn?  What books are on your list for the new year? Leave a comment below + start the conversation!

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  1. Oh. My. Gosh. I had never heard of this, but wow! How awesome is that?! It's like a bookworm's dream ;) Thanks for sharing this, definitely signing up soon!