Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Centennial post

Woo-hoo! We did it!  Today is my 100th post on Purple Flowers!  I started this little blog almost 1 year ago and started blogging 3 years before that.  I'm so happy that I have a little readership to call my own and a space where I can express my creativity!  

If you've been following along since day 1 (hi, mom) thank you! If you're just joining the party, don't worry it's just getting started!  Big things will be happening soon! 

My first post I wrote: 

On May 23rd, 2013 I love coffee, Europe, traveling, exploring, photographs, typography, infographics, graphic design, web design, tumblr, sunshine, rain, dogs, baseball, higher education, public policy, community development, symbolism, politics, research, blogs, friends, books, pens, love letters, handshakes, jobs, water, running, architecture, gardens, twinkle lights, dancing, london, markets, ancients, girl scout cookies, bumper stickers, purses, airports, hugs, flags, church, classical literature, film, leonardo dicaprio, lacrosse, washington college, thesis research, professors, russia, new things, learning, cities, baltimore, company softball games, walks, peer mentoring, leadership, public speaking, teaching swim lessons, diving, exercising, avocados, salt and pepper, croissants, hazelnut macchiatos, pinterest, social media strategy, internships, capitol hill, american history, library books, coffee shops, shopping, georgetown, m street, urban outfitters, doughnuts, theatre, burmese food, ted talks, the college prepster, shoes, adoption, spreading love, making smiles, holding doors, thanking, welcoming, meeting, sunglasses, nalgene bottles, bookstores, ereaders, old bay, charleston, hilton head island, jewelry stores, dominoes pizza, highlighters, georgetown, roommates, laughing, smiling, puppies, parents, grandparents, coding, cuddling, yoga, leggings, bagels, curls, polka dots, seersucker, jolly ranchers, ranch dressing, spinach leaves, coca cola, toasted marsh mellow milkshakes, camp fires, cook outs, burgers, scavenger hunts, youtube, spotify, rain on windows, the sound of music, justin timberlake, dunkin donuts blueberry iced coffee, tall men, waking up to snow, moving, free food, salad, row houses, hills, happy people, sky lights, crown molding, dressing rooms, marshalls, sparkles, hunter green, social media, communications, marketing, progress, community service, nooks, union jacks, cork, wine, dancing music, singing in the car, historic areas, castles, nonpartisan groups, clothes out of the dryer, notebooks, monograms, royalty, grass, tribal prints, apple, black and white, expelling ignorance, french, borgen, danish parliament, love yous, golden doodles, lattes, the internet, great gatsby, early mornings, early nights, driving, radio, snuggles, happy days, porch swings, mason jars, blankets, weddings, babies, rome, mailbox, stockholm, new friends, old friends, stationery, early mornings

I still love all of those things!  I am so glad that I did this and on my 1 year anniversary for this blog, I'll be doing it again soon, documenting all of my favorite things.  Will you join me?  

Comment below with your favorite things today!  

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