Monday, April 7, 2014

Take Note

Some awesome reading material for your Monday lunch break. 

Love, love, love this article.  I am deeply in love with all things Levo League and so into Live In The Grey!  A really thoroughly look at this powerhouse lady's everyday.  

Okay, gorgeous voices.  This has been circulating a bit but I just can't get over it.  Leighton Meester, I have a huge girl crush on you.  

3. Instagram Lifestyle Accounts from What Dress Code:   I am so into Instagram.  People allow us to visualize their life in such a beautiful way!  

4. April 2014 Issue of Smart Girls Guide:   Our new issue is live on the Smart Girls Group!  So proud of this issue and excited for the issues to come!  I absolutley love being a part of this process.  

5.  Lena Dunham on Bill Simmons:  I'm just really into Lena Dunham and everything about her.  I just want to have a conversation with her over coffee.  

What are you reading/listening/watching these days?  

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