Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Favorite Bloggers

Yes, things are still crazy busy, but I'm starting to really get back into blogging & bloglovin.  

While I'm not able to read through my Bloglovin feed everyday, it is great to catch up on the blogosphere.  I love their 'mark as read' feature and the ability to collect the posts that you've liked.  I get so many great ideas for blog posts; I just want to showcase how wonderful all of these women are!  Here are some of my favorite lady bloggers. 

1. Whitney Blake:  I emailed Whitney about blog design when I was still on WordPress years ago for design advice.  I wasn't really sure how to change my blog/grow my blog without actually investing money into it.  Her business, Heart & Arrow Designs is really taking off!  I love that she uses her income from design to travel around the world!  

2. Amy V. Norris: Amy is the most divine coffee drinker there ever was.  She is a first year at King's College in London and spends her days exploring the boroughs and their coffee shops as well as spending countless hours reading and writing.  Also, she mentioned me in her latest blog post.  xo

3. Diverging Skies: My friend Emma Way from Washington College puts so much effort into her precious blog, Diverging Skies.  She chats all about traveling, being a college student at WAC, and budgeting your money to achieve your dreams!  She's got quite the following and I'm so happy that we've recently connected; there aren't too many bloggers here on campus!   I'm so excited for her to be writing a piece for the Smart Girls Group magazine, in our June issue.  

4. The Londoner:  I am so infatuated with this London lady.  While she makes eating scrumptious food look effortless and calorie-less, her photos are creative and fun!  Her recent trip to NYC has me dreaming of Bolt bussing up North and her photos of the High Line make it simply irresistible to stay away.  

5. The Fox & She: Who doesn't love a good Shiba Inu puppy?  Blair and her #littlefox live in Chicago where she designs, paints, and travels, all while looking effortlessly stylish.  Her instagram's of her precious pup also make me so happy and I very much admire her talent and creativity!  

Comment below with some of your favorite bloggers! 

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