Friday, September 19, 2014

5 Things I'm Trying This Fall

*mandatory Fall post* *duh* *sips PSL*
PSH yeah right, as if there was Starbucks in Chestertown.  Please.
  Everyone's freaking the fall out over fall. 
It rocks.  Tea & blankets in the morning.  Brisk walks to work. Sweaters.  AHH THE SWEATERS.  The moth ball smell from my sweaters. The pumpkin everythang. 

As with the change of every new season, I'm inspired to make a few goals of this amazing time.  It's my first #postgradlife Fall and I will be taking full advantage of all Fallish things.  Join me & make a few goals for this Fall; don't let it slip by!


1. Pick & carve a pumpkin here. (Lockbriar Farms in Kent County!) 
2. Baking -  I'm going to make real Irish scones.
3. Yoga in the morning times before work.
4. Grow a plant.  Can you guess what color flower I'll choose?
5. Paint.  I don't make enough time to do so.  I love watercolors but I need to get back into acrylic.  Now!

Have you made any goals for the Fall?  I'm already trying to carve (womp womp) out a weekend or a few days to do Fall activites, but the weekends are already so full with work and family.  

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