Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Stress Relief

How do you handle stress? 

Does it exhaust you?  Do you have the ability to turn off your mind?  Does it wake you up at night?  Just how long is your to-do list?  Do you know how to say no?  
These are all questions that I've been faced with recently.  

Full time work is awesome.  I. Love. It.  I've always wanted to work.  I loved my internships.  I love professional development.  I'm a work nerd.  But I'm worried that I'm letting my work consume me whole.  

Some products I use to tackle my stress & anxiety. 
Stress Relief

I've also recently started participating in PiYo (fast paced pilates + yoga).  It's definitely more yoga heavy but I love it so much.  So much that I bought my own yoga mat.  Knowing that my mind is controlling the simply and challenging movements of my body gives me the confidence and certainty that I can control my mind. I've also been drinking lots and lots of tea.  I do still need my 1st cup of coffee in the morning to get the day going, but after that I feel jumpy and anxious.  I think coffee has a lot to do with it so I'm cutting down.  I've been drinking Yogi Stress Relief tea but also just regular green tea & peppermint tea.

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Stressed out?  Let's talk about it.  I've found that confiding in my coworkers about how I'm feeling and the triggers that make me overwhelmed has helped. What helps you fight off stress and anxiety?

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