Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Post Grad Life Series

I've started losing track of the # of weeks since graduation.  Adulthood is real and there are days where it is beautiful, exciting, and fun.  There are days where I want nothing more than to duck into a class on my way to a meeting & jaunt back to my "dorm room" on the Western Shore of campus. 

I have no roommates waiting for me there or even a key to let me in.  I am living and working in the environment that was once mine in a very different way.  That's a challenge in a lot of ways and simultaneously the most comforting thing in the world.  I already know so much which is the best part. Knowledge is power and I feel empowered daily by my previous experiences here in Chestertown.  Yet I also feel so in awe of what is to come after my time here is finished even though it is just beginning.  

I'd love to talk weekly about the changes that I'm experiencing on this new journey. This is greater than the niche of "working at my alma mater" & more specific than "twenty-something figuring it out." It's whatever I need it to be.  There will be many failures and many successes along the way but I think reflecting on them both will not only be therapeutic, but comical. 

Join me here for #postgradlife :) 

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