Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Travel Series: Making It Happen

Rome 2012

I get SO lost in the idea of just picking up and going back to Europe.
I found my old travel journal while unpacking my carriage house and I couldn't help but wish for all of those feelings.  Planning out trips, buying travel books from the bookstore in Copenhagen & eating carrots for dinner to pay for it, googling every major landmark & learning as much as I can beforehand..it goes on and on.  I'm now living out my wildest dreams through travel bloggers.
I am really loving World of Wanderlust blogger Brooke Saward, especially her tips on Solo Travel. Brooke is a full time travel blogger, as in she makes enough money off of her blog to travel the world and review it for people like me, sitting at home drinking tea on their couch itching to get back out there and abroad.   Her list of 25 Secret Small Towns of Europe  is enough to make me buy a ticket and go.  

ALSO: She's done a few posts on Copenhagen, which naturally makes me quite happy :) 

So now I am committing some time to the following: figuring out how to get back to Europe. Well I'm starting out by using Mint to understand how I spend my money & determine where I can save more of it.  I am able to set goals & track how much money it will take to achieve that goal.  

Stumbling upon this post, How I Can Afford To Travel The World Full Time, I now know that I will have to take saving super seriously.  Carrots for dinner it is! 

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