Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Senior Week 2014

Senya-Week in Ocean City, Maryland was 2 weeks ago!  Sheesh!  How did that happen?!  
What a wonderful long weekend with my AOII senior ladies!  Somehow we've all managed to squeeze in this selfie on our first night in the condo! 

We had great weather, great friends close by, and fun bars to walk to! Luckily it didn't rain until the day we left, so these girls were on the beach everyday, all day!  Our mornings were filled with walks to Dunkers and different satellite cafe's for coffee and evenings, 14 of us around the kitchen table playing games, sharing secrets, and listening to music before we would head out for the night!  Not only was most of our Washington College class down the beach with us, but Lehigh University and the University of Delaware were also there!  

If you are of drinking age, and heading down to Ocean City, Maryland anytime soon, here are my favorite spots to hit up! 

1. Fracture Prune - I can't explain it, just trust me and go if you like donuts.
2. Fish Tails - This place has really yummy food and a fun atmosphere without being as overwhelming as Seacrets.  Go in the late afternoon and enjoy the swinging seats in the sand with a drink; their grapefruit cocktail is the best!
3. The Green Turtle - My family friend owns the original Turtle, which is a must if you are in OC.  The food is good, the drinks are cheap, & the atmosphere is great!  If you and a few friends are feeling adventurous, do a ski shot! 
4. Macky's -  I was never too keen on Macky's, not until my entire senior class filled it on a Sunday night & closed it down.  If you've only ever been there for dinner with your rents like I had, give it a shot!  We had a really fun night here & we had the place to ourselves!  
5. Fager's Island - Most of #washcoll ended up at Fager's one night and it was a blast!  While there is dancing, there is also a great deck outside on the water with lots of twinkle lights!  
6. Secrets - If you are into nightclubs & dancing, this is where you need to be!  

My roommate sent this to me on the beach.. apparently I was holding court for the Kappa Alpha's.  I was too into my Nora Ephron to notice. 

Does your high school or college do Senior Week?  

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