Saturday, May 24, 2014

Prepping for Graduation

Graduation was last weekend. 

In case you haven't walked across the stage and you are stressing about the big day, I've put together a little check list for ya.

1. Extra ticket for graduation! You never know who might show up for your big day! 
2.  Back up Charger There are special moments during a commencement that you'll want to remember; whether it's snapchatting your friends who are far away or taking photos of your best friend winning an award, you're going to want a fully charged phone!  
3. Bottle of Champagne This does not need an explanation.  You know what to do!  Cheers! 
4. A Photog Luckily my mom and friends were around with cameras and iPhones to snap pics.  Sometimes you get so caught up in the moment that you forget to take pictures with those people that mean the most!  Some of my favorite pictures from the day were candids that my friends sent me from their iPhones.  
5. Open Mind  The best part of graduation day was going into it with an open mind.  I wasn't sure if I would cry, if it would rain, if the graduation speaker would be bad, if it would be too hot; there's just no way to know.  

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