Friday, May 23, 2014

The Last 4 Years

How do you wrap up 4 years of college memories in review?  
I don't know but we are about to find out.  

Moved into college (August 2010)

Became an NCAA DIII Athlete 

Went on my first training trip in Key West, FL

Became an AOII

 Became a Peer Mentor 

Became a Lifeguard 

Had my first solo road trip to NoVa for Crab-fest weekend with Miss Marie

Had my first internship at Bayside Bride

Met some of the best people I've ever known

Got a little

 Took a road trip to Clemson 

Said goodbye to my favorite class at WC

 Became an intern on Capitol Hill

Represented the Sigma Tau Chapter of AOII at a National Convention

Had picnics with best friends...

Mom and Dad moved to the beach..

Lived in Denmark...

Traveled all over

Came back home, turned 21, and met a new best friend

Moved back to DC for the summer 

Created this little blog

Finished Senior year & graduated May 17, 2014! 

There you have it!  4 years in highlights & snippets!  
Easily the best four years of my life, to date!  

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