Friday, June 14, 2013

Personal Social Media Practices

I talk a lot about social media at work.  
I write about social media a lot at work. 
And I write for social media at work. 

I think what I do is a great fit but I enjoy it on a personal level, however the more I think about strategy for my non profit in terms of social media engagement, the more I think about my own use.  As someone who has always had an interest in journalism, social media, and engaging a community, I love new media.
I remember when you had to be asked to join Facebook (circa 2006) and when you had to invited to Pinterest (circa 2011).  The dark days of selective, secretive social media.  
No more!

I find that I check Facebook everyday, multiple times a day and use it as a means for communication, direct, private messages.  I have it on the tightest security controls in no one can write on my wall and I don't use FB chat.  Yet, I could not imagine my life without it.  I'm at the point in my life where everyone is getting engaged and its, make some popcorn and scroll, exciting.

Tumblr is my outlet for relaxation.  I love scanning through and reblogging things that inspire me and make me smile.  It is definitely my favorite outlet

Google+ is where I post interesting reading or articles that I don't want to post to Facebook, but I still think the world needs to know about.  I only post something on the FB if it is of dire importance.
I'd really like to turn that into a section on here, my collected reading for the week, stay tuned. :)
I also LOVE google chat...that is my jam.

Pinterest is something I love to look at during my lunch break and 'like' because it's mindless.  I usually go back later to pin to my boards.  Does anyone else do that??  I recently renamed my boards and picked new cover photos for each.  It felt like a cleanse.  I have lots of 'likes' waiting to be sorted.

Polyvore I hardly check; its nice to see the jump in set views when you haven't checked in awhile.  I have the polyvore plug in linked up to my Google Chrome so whenever I see something I'd like in my closet, I clip it to my polyvore.  I can then go back and design my own sets which I post on my blog.

LinkedIn I adore.  It took me awhile to come around to it, but I'm on the LI train and I love it!  I love seeing where everyone works and what everyone does with their life.  It's exciting and fantastic for networking!

TweetDeck is what I use at work.  I'm normally hooked up to another twitter account crafting tweets but I love tweet deck for my own personal use.  I know it is typically used for work related accounts but I just love it.  I especially love the layout.

Springpad is where I save things I need.  I have a thing against bookmarking.  I think I had a bad experience once and lost all my bookmarks back in the day.  I seriously love Springpad!  I can keep myself organized as I plan out future stuff for grad school, blogging, and just websites that I like.  In the last 3 weeks of my internship, I've discovered so many great organizations and non profits through research that work for concepts that I love, like citizen engagement, transparency, and community development.  I am able to store all my info in my virtual binders on Springpad.

Do you have your own social media ritual?
Do you use something that I don't?  Tell me about it!
I'm always looking for new ways to stay connected and engaged!

xo Hil

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