Friday, June 21, 2013

Govloop & GLAM

Yesterday was another exciting day in the District. 
It started off with my caffeine fix at Bagels & Baguettes and some work from home (which I love).  I've got my little nook set up here in the WISH row house, and when you live with 8 people, its nice to have the space to yourself with the morning sunshine.  
Is that too 'only child' of me?

Anyway, I Uber'd (I hope that becomes a verb, can I paten that?) over to a conference at the District Architecture Center which was gorgeous!  It was such a fresh and bright space.  I was there for Govloop's event, "Doing More with What You Have: WordPress in Government."  
While most of the content was above my head in terms of tech, coding, and web development, it was still extremely resourceful from a local government perspective.  
We heard from lead developers at WordPress, GovDelivery, and the Kaiser Family Foundation, however I was most excited to hear from Melissa Bell, the Blog Engagement Director at the Washington Post.  She gave a fantastic [Prezi] presentation on how WashPost uses WordPress for most of its content and blogs.  

Part of me felt a bit like a traitor, since I just moved my personal blog back from WordPress to Blogger to start over design wise, but nevertheless it was a day of learning and networking.  

Last night I attended GLAM LLC [Give Labels A Meaning] Summer Fashion Event.  GLAM is a nonprofit that works to give back to the Washington, DC community.  The event's procedes were raised for Safe Shores DC which is a children's advocacy group that helps fight trauma and promote healing of children who previously faced abuse.  A great group for a great cause & great fashion?  
Simply perfect.

 The lights and table arrangements were perfect for this space, it had a great energy last tonight on H street NE! The Bishop Boutique from Alexandria had the most gorgeous shoes as well as Milly bags.  I might be making a trip there before the summer ends; a pair of patterned moccasins that live there are calling my name.   

When I say they OWNED the floor, they owned it.  Gorgeous outfits.

^^ These models worked it all night!  Absolutely adored the pink two sided crop top.  That looks like something I would wear to work!

^^ I could get over this vendor.  I've seen her before at Eastern Market and her jewelry is just to die for, every Pinterest lover's dream.  I found some amazing pieces of jewelry for about a quarter of the price they would normally go for elsewhere.  I frequented this table all night but sadly left empty handed.  

It was a seriously great day, lots of business cards swapped and lots of emails to write!
Congrats GLAM LLC! 

Looking forward to spending the night in Baltimore for Crabs & Boh's for my best pal's 21st birthday!  
Did you have an eventful week?  How are you spending your weekend?  

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