Saturday, June 15, 2013

Creating A Signature

Paying for a new webdesign can be expensive. 
Luckily I've found some resources that give great step by step directions to design your blog on your own!

So, here are some highlights from RyleeBlake's "Write Your Own Post Signature"

^^^ I knew I wanted to follow her tutorial because all of her fonts are so pretty! 

She breaks in down to 3 easy steps for you to always have your signature on all of your posts.  
After creating your own signature on Photoshop, you will save it as a PNG or JPEG & upload to your Photobucket account. 

Copy this link! ^^ 

& Paste it here 


This is super brief, make sure you check her post for the full directions!  

It was so simple & so easy!  
A huge thank you to RyleeBlake, I highly recommend all of her blog tutorial

 photo signature_zps19a8b805.jpg

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