Thursday, June 27, 2013

[Please Understand Me]

My awesome supervisor gave me this book my first week of my internship, Please Understad Me: Character & Temperament Types.  I've never taken a Myers Briggs test, but I've always wanted to... you all know I love that 'self reflectin'.  Taking this test not only allowed me to self reflect with deep, thought provoking questions, but it allows me to help those around me better understand my character, my actions, my thoughts, etc.  

So, I took the test.  
I'm an ENFJ;

Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, Judging.

History lesson for you.
Carl Jung, a prominent psychologist developed the personality trait typo-logical theory around 1920.  He said that these 4 primary types determined how people saw the world and made decisions.  Later, Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers came together around WWII and developed the psychometric questionnaire that would become the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.  They were entering the industrial work force and believed that this would help ease women into the transition and help them find jobs that would be the most comfortable and effective for them.
Can I get a, "You Go Girls!" ?! #girlpower

In, Please Understand Me, it says about Extroversion, "Extraverts, with their need for sociability, appear to be energized, or 'tuned up' by people.  Talking to people, playing with people, and working with people is what charges their batteries."  I couldn't think of a statement more true about myself.  

The Intuitive "seem somewhat bothered by reality, constantly looking toward possibilities of changing or improving the actual."  We value a vision of the future.

Feeling people tend to be called fuzzy thinkers and wearers of hearts, usually on their sleeve.

The Judger's are not [haters], Jung meant this to mean concluding.  Judgers like to have firm deadlines, and expect others to meet them.  "Driven", "pressured", "planning", and "running life" are associated with those who are considered Judgers.  

How do you think you would fair in this personality trait survey?

One of the most valuable things in life is learning to love yourself.
Learning how to do that is the hardest challenge, but taking time to reflect daily has helped me gain more confidence and just be a better person.  By knowing how I view the world, and how I come across to people has helped me understand my relationships with family and friends.  It's an important practice for me and I'm so happy that I've implemented it into my day.

How do you take time to think reflect?  

PS Happy Seersucker Thursday from the Hill!

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