Friday, July 12, 2013

Exciting News

My my how things change.

Yesterday I woke up and kicked my funk to the curb.  
I woke up at 7, went for a run & got my supervisor breakfast and splurged for the large coffe all before coming to work for the day.  Boom.
  I was finally feeling like myself when, 
my inbox changed my mood.  

I've been following/reading/loving/drooling Sweet Lemon Magazine since its conception.  I was a big CollegePrep fan and was really inspired to start blogging, writing, styling, etc.  @SweetLemonMag put out a request for writers, I applied with no hope or expectation. 
That all changed yesterday when I got my email from @Paris [the editor-in-chief] that I had been selected as a Staff Writer.  
I just finished writing my first post and I'm still blushing.  #TeamAli

Make sure you check out their latest issue; it's their best yet! 

But wait, there's more.
I was accepted to be a member of CapFabb! CapFabb is an online blogging community for bloggers in the DC, NOVA, MD area.  Bloggers can collaborate, connect, and plan events together to network.  Through CapFabb we are able to connect with local business, designers, and bloggers.  It's a seriously cool group & I'm so honored to be a part of it.

Check out our members & apply if you're a blogger in the area.  

It's been a good end to the week to say the least!
I'm excited to relax, catch up on work, & visit with my family this weekend.

Did you have any exciting news this week?  Big weekend plans?! Tell me about it below! 

PS. Be on the look out for my first post on Sweet Lemon about the #sharknado [lol]
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