Friday, July 26, 2013

Working Out on the Wall

I was skimming Pinterest this morning over coffee when I saw a load pinned workouts [shocker].  These were different.  No equipment, no gym, and they actually looked fun.   I was just complaining to my supervisor that no matter how many sit ups I do, I will always have a little belly.  In the peak of my swimming career swimming 2+ hours a day and running and lifting, I still had a little pouch tummy.  
The juice cleanse thing, yeah that ended by lunch time day one.  I love solid food and I can't be productive while I'm hangry.  I was back to running a lot [for like 3, days] but then there was this heat wave thing.  Now it's cold [go home, DC you're drunk] and I'm realizing that my days are numbered here on the Hill so I better start worrying about the museums and neighborhoods I didn't check out rather than how tone my legs are.  There's a gym back at college. 

But I found this really cool work out from that I had to share!  All you need is a wall.
If you're from D.C., you know the post Good Stuff feeling; you have to reevaluate your life after you eat their food.  

This will be me reevaluating my choices for the rest of the afternoon.  

This one doesn't look so bad, right? 

I'm kinda worried about this one; God did not bless me with balance.

Do you have an 'at home' workout regime? 
Does it work?  
Let me know!  

PS Check back on Monday for an exciting new series on Purple Flowers.
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