Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Purple Flowers has been an evolving project. 
I'm always learning something new about webdesign, html, and editing. It has been so fun!  My sorority sister Sam from The Bits and Pieces Life is so talented and great at all things computers and design.  After hours of sending her blogs that I loved, she figured out pretty quickly that I loved minimalist looks and flat images.  She 'threw together' a template that she thought I might like[which I loved] and walked me through the steps to make my blog what I envisioned.  The best part, she's so cool & funny; the second best part was how EASY everything was.  I really enjoy learning new pieces of html.  

So in addition to my new design and layout, there's another new piece that I'm really excited to launch.

Link the link to check out a sneak peak of my style.  

Did you build your own blog? 
Did you read any books along the way or watch tutorials?
I'd love some suggestions!

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